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Jan 25, 2012

Screening Phase - Introduction & Intelligence Test

Day1 Screening Test:

Screening test / Intelligence Test at SSB / P.P.D.T. At SSB

Screening test is conducted on very next day of your arrival at SSB centre.It starts at morning 7 A.M.& continues till approx.12:30 in afternoon.Thereafter all candidates proceed for lunch.As soon as lunch session is over; the results are anounced.

Then the selected / qualified candidates stay back in same hall and fill their particulars once again.( The candidates fill same PIQ form which they have alrady filled on reporting day. This time they fill PIQ form thrice and others few forms as well.) The failed candidates are given thier Travelling allowance and sent back to railway station.

Screening Phase includes Intelligence Test and P.P.D.T.(Picture Perception And Description Test)

{ Important Note:
  1. This test is very very easy but never ever take this test casualy even though your are quite well prepared for both phases. Many times over confidence can give you shcking results.I have myself seen earlier recommended candidates failing in screening test.

    2.        Screening phase is basicaly an elimination round. this test diffrentiates between serious and   non-serious candidates.

    3.       You must show your best performance here because if you are not able to perform in any of PHASE 2 tests ; that disadvantage can be overcomed by performing good in remaining tasks but if you do not perform at par in Screening ; there is no second chance avalible to you.Although you are excellently prepared for full interview if you fail here; your all preparation stand useless.


Intelligence Test at SSB:

Intelligence test is conducted to test IQ of apperaring candidates. The IQ is measured as ability of candidate to analyse and solve a particular problem.There are many levels of IQ tests conducted in whole world but the one conducted at SSB is very basic and metric level preliminary test.
At SSB candidates are suppose to answer two question booklets consisting of certain no. of questions per book. Before that candidates are given two practice question booklets to make candidates aware about type of questions that are going to be asked.

Intelligence test involves set of problems based on Verbal resoning and Non verbal reasoning. At SSB candidates has to solve these tests within stipulated time thus Speed of solving resoning problems is very much essential to succesfully qualify in intelligence test.
For every test at SSB; passing marks are 40% , but it is always suggested that candidate should score as max as possible because the score of intelligence test is measured in deciding final selection of SSB and even in final merit list

Type Of Problems Asked In Intelligence Test:

The two basic type of tests conducted are
  1. Verbal Reasoning Test
  2. Non -Verbal Reasoning Test
Verbal reasoning involves
  • Coding -decoding
  • number series
  • Direction Test
  • SEating arrangement
  • Blood Relations
  • Puzzle Test
  • Anology & classification
  • Etc...
Non-Verbal Reasoning consists of
  • Venn Digrams
  • Complete and incomplete pattern of figures
  • Anology and clssification of figures
  • cubes and dice
Let we see in detail about each topic :-

Analogy and Classification:-

In this part, a word and its related word is given, then another word with four options are given. Such that we have to find out the related word from the option.

E.g.:- Phone: Cellphone :: Computer ::___?____

a) Speaker b)Keyboard c) Theatre d) Laptop

In this d)Laptop is the answer. Since Cellphone is the derivative of Phone like this Laptop is the derivative of Computer.

Coding - Decoding :-
In this part, certain word is coded to some number/alphabet in reversal manner, then we have to encode it accordingly. The basic technique to follow is write numbers for the alphabets quickly in the rough space provided in the testing hall.

E.g.:- A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26.

Like this write in the rough sheet as soon as you got the rough sheet.

If you got the question like this means i.e. FROG - 6 18 15 7, the word is decoded as like this. Then they give another word such as DOCTOR and we have to decode it.

DOCTOR - 4 15 3 20 15 18

Number Series:-

In this a series of number is given and we have to find out the next number. The series given may be of in squares, cubes values or simple odd or even numbers also.



For this test, the answer is 777. Since take the first three and compare with the next three, 111 is added to every number. Like this we have to analyse at that time constraint.

Blood Relations:-

The Blood relation questions are easy one. If we are thorough with the relation then it is easy to solve.

E.g.:- The husband of your brothers mother is whose husband. Answer:- The Husband of your brothers mother is your father. So he is your mothers husband only.

Like this they will twist the question little bit, but its easy if we practice well.
Direction Test:-

In direction test, the candidates are advise to find the direction.

E.g.:- You are facing towards east and if you move left for 10 meters then turn left for 15 meters and then take right cut for 25 metres then which direction you will face, the answer is north. Draw the direction on the paper then solve it.                                        

Seating Arrangement:-
In the seating arrangement test, the questions are such as group of five people are sitting in a round table such as A is left to D, C is right to E. Then write the sequence from A towards left. The answer is ABEDC.
These type of questions are asked rarely, but if asked it is time consuming, so practice it well before test.
Puzzle Test and Basic Mathematical Aptitude:-
In puzzle test you will get simple puzzles and in mathematical aptitude, you will get time and distance, work, basic numerical problems etc.

Non-Verbal Reasoning:-
Analogy and Classification of Figures:-
Picture is only to depict type of problems asked in this section
Complete and Incomplete Pattern of Figures :-

This type of question is also easy, that some part of the figure is missing. We have to find out from the given option that which part is missing.

Cubes and Dice:-

This is little bit tough, but it need a lot of practice and it is time consuming. So practice this well. Usually they are not asking the cube problem. But Dice problems are frequent one.

Venn Diagram:-

This type of question is very easy and two types of questions are coming from venn diagram part. One is with numerical data and another one is in pictorial representation.

After the end of the OIR tests , there is some time break for the next level of the test. The next test at SSB is P.P.D.T test. It is called Picture Perception and Description Test

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